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The Vomela Companies

  • Managed a social media content calendar, social objectives and strategic priorities across multiple platforms by leveraging data to influence social strategy

  • Utilized Hubspot, Google Analytics and other tools to track and measure all marketing and social efforts in detail


Website Re-Design

  • Build and deploy web content, including text, graphics, videos, photos and other content types as appropriate

  • Combined 3 websites into one landing page

  • Maintain the highest keyword ranking possible for product web pages by implementing search engine optimization best practices

  • Develop web content and electronic communications, creating designs and functionality that are visually appealing, based on best practices, and reinforce the Vomela’s brand

  • Frequently made lading pages and blogs 

Video Creation

  • Created over 30 + videos with Adobe for proposals and sharable content. This resulted in over 1500% increase of YouTube subscribers, 300% increase in video views and 526% increase in shares.

  • Photograph and record video of printing equipment at the office to use in the product literature, web content, and videos.

Social Media

The graph below shows audience growth between 2019-2021 while I was heading all social efforts.

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  • Used HubSpot for weekly email marketing efforts including monthly enewsletters and various ecommerce promotions and managed the production, testing, deployment, and measurement of all campaigns.

  • Created the personalized templates for each blast

  • Coordinated direct email marketing and lead nurturing campaigns to provide multiple touch exposure

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Typing on Computer


  • Used HubSpot for weekly to post and publish blogs to the website

  • Edited copy and format from the writer, enhanced SEO, added images/video, and created social/ emails to enhance traffic to the post

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